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A Beginner’s Guide to Better Understanding Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

If you work in the construction industry, you should know how important it is that a safe work method statement (SWMS) is being implemented in your company. While being in risky industries or doing high risk construction work, this particular document that you call SWMS or safe work method statement is a must in these industries. With these WHS documents, you will not just read about what activities in the construction workplace have the highest risks but also you get to read what measures you can do to effectively control these risks and what other hazards might result in carrying out these activities.

According to WHS regulations, any company that engages in high risk construction work, should come up with their own SWMS document. When high risk work is being done on a regular basis, a more general SWMS is needed that will be used to carry out various activities. In time, you can have this particular document refined and have included consultation being done with other people that will be conducting business with you and the workers. Now, SWMS templates have become widely available for companies in the construction industry who want nothing more but to make their SWMS more refined. What is great with SWMS templates being made available for general consumption is that you can make them as personalized as you can ever be. Missing out on this part in carrying out the activities of your construction company will put a huge hedge on your transactions and will not have them done in one way or another. It is a must to always have your SWMS document reviewed and if necessary revised to be able to be in keeping with whatever high risk construction activities you have to accomplish as well as the new site where you need to get them done.

Since most activities being done in construction locations are high risk, having an SWMS or safe work method statement is a must. For instance, if you need to work at heights, you have to prepare an SWMS document before any work can be done. When the construction work has only minor risk, the company or professional can proceed in carrying out the job minus the required SWMS document.

If you are wondering when must these SWMS documents be accomplished, it will have to be before the begin date and time of your high rick construction work. The builder, subcontractor, and principal contractors are the ones who will be deciding about the best person that will have their SWMS document created. Usually, the preparation of the SWMS document is being done by the person who has been assigned to be doing the high risk construction job. To make the most applicable SWMS document for the company, the one making the SWMS should meet with people who are experts in the field of construction such as the contractor and workers and come up with the right measures stipulated on the document.

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